What We Do

We are able to secure various types of funding, including venture capital, private equity, debt, mezzanine, IPO, M&A, strategic investment and more. Our geographic scope encompasses the Japan, United States, Asia, Europe, and other emerging markets. We represent companies across the spectrum, from later-stage private companies through middle market private and public entities.

Capital Advisory
Our capital advisory services division is focused on providing clients with the fastest and most cost effective solution to their capital needs and to identify and minimize risk in the process. We accomplish this in a number of ways.
Investor Roadshows & Investor Outreach
The principals at Brent Patterson Oakford Consulting have arranged road shows for hundreds of companies, with thousands of fund managers and analysts around the country.
Financial Marketing Materials
Brent Patterson Oakford Consulting develops all of the financial marketing materials to persuasively communicate the investment thesis, while conveying a professional and "Blue Chip" look and feel to our clients' investor communications.
We accomplish this in a number of ways.

-Identify and evaluate growth opportunities for both public and private companies, as well as private equity firms seeking investment opportunities;

-Determine the best capital and/or investment structure for companies;

-Identify and evaluate the best partners;

-Minimize risk through stringent due diligence;

-Package our clients’ investment thesis and all necessary information to accomplish financing goals;

-Guide our clients through each step of the process

In addition to arranging direct introductions, Brent Patterson Oakford Consulting stands apart from other investor relations firms by offering its clients a unique "virtual road show" service, which allows management the opportunity to meet with members of the investment community, without leaving the office.

The target audience for our investor relations outreach includes:

-Institutional investors;
-Hedge fund managers;
-Sell-side/research analysts;
-Institutional sales;
-Retail brokers;
-High net worth investors;
-Financial newsletters.

Sample Investor Relations materials include

-Press releases;
-Slide presentations;
-Investor fact sheets;
-Investor Relations (IR) websites;
-Conference call scripts;
-Shareholder letters;
-Daily investor communications;
-Investor Relations packages.

At Brent Patterson Oakford Consulting we pride ourselves on the honest and unfiltered feedback we gather from your investors. We are your eyes and ears on Wall Street--and we use this feedback to constantly evolve the message.

We measure our client relationships in years - not months

and view each engagement as a long-term partnership opportunity
Strategic Communications

In support of our capital advisory services and as a stand-alone discipline, Brent Patterson Oakford Consulting provides a full range of investor relations services. The goal is to formulate a clear and concise message for the investment community and to build an audience of loyal followers and investors. The principals of Brent Patterson Oakford Consulting have represented companies across all market caps and industries.

The firm was founded on a strategic and professional approach to investor relations that builds awareness of our clients through tailored outreach programs that target institutional investors, analysts and the financial media.
Our approach is centered around properly educating investors and cultivating trust in order to uphold and protect management's long-term credibility and reputation on Wall Street.

Brent Patterson Oakford Consulting Seed Capital
Brent Patterson Oakford Consulting Seed Capital is an affiliate of Brent Patterson Oakford Consulting, assisting with early stage funding solutions for emerging growth companies in the Japan, United States, Asia, Europe and elsewhere, with plans to enter the domestic or foreign capital markets. Specifically, we work with our clients through all phases of an IPO, reverse merger, or merger and acquisition. Our proprietary capital sources are keen to help the companies we work with to reach their long-term business goals.
Financial Media
Brent Patterson Oakford Consulting has a proven track record securing opportunistic financial media for our clients, including major publications and TV networks such as The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Fox Business, and much more.